• Hourly and Fixed Rates
  • Canadian customers pay the following in CAD dollars; International customers pay the following in USD dollars.

    Payment for services can be made by cash, personal cheque, or (in some circumstances) by credit card.

    For on-site calls (when I travel to your home or office for example) there is a minimum one hour charge.

  • Standard Hourly Rates

    • Regular Hourly Rate: $85.00 per Hour
    • Seniors Hourly Rate: $75.00 per Hour
    • Disability Hourly Rate: $75.00 per Hour

    If you are a senior or on disability, please let me know before billing for discount to apply. Senior and disability rates apply to individuals only, not to businesses.

  • Programming Rates

    • Programming Hourly Rate: $100.00 per Hour

    This rate applies to advanced projects that are predominantly programming in nature. Projects with mixed services that include light programming are charged at Standard Hourly Rates.

  • Fixed Price Projects

    • Fixed Rate: $???.00 per Project

    Some services may be quoted at a fixed price; please contact me to discuss your project and see if fixed pricing applies. Any additional work not covered by a quote will be charged at my hourly rates.

  • Down Payments

    For larger projects, a 50% deposit is required to start, based on a reasonable estimate of the cost of the project.

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