• Advanced Programming and Development
  • I have over 30 years of programming experience , and have coded in a multitude of languages and environments. I can create custom components and software from scratch, and I also specialize in troubleshooting and extending functionality in open source third party software and installations (like WordPress, or that cool script you downloaded that needs a little TLC).

    Here are some areas that I presently work in, to give you an idea of what I can accomplish, but if you don't see what you want simply contact me; I can probably help:

  • Developing for Graphic Designers and Other Professional Visionaries

    If you are a graphic designer or other professional visionary, I can bring your creative vision to life on the web and other platforms. I pride myself on offering near pixel perfect implementations of your work, that work as seamlessly as possible across browsers and platforms. When my code has been presented to other programmers, I have been complimented on how clean, structured, and easy-to-follow it is.

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) Development - EASY Website Editing

    Do you or your customers want to be able to easily add, edit and delete content on a website, while protecting the underlying templates and styles ? I have developed many custom CMS back-ends that allow full or partial control through the web or through standalone applications. This can include text , images , audio , video and more. Navigation and other structural or referential elements adjust dynamically as content is updated .

  • Using Adobe Animate to Create Animated and Interactive Websites or Components

    From banners and animated websites to interactive games and digital exhibits , I can develop the animated content that you need.

  • Data Handling of All Kinds, On and Off the Web

    Data is what drives many businesses and applications, and I can often help make the input, management, and reporting of data in its various possible forms far less costly and time-consuming .

    Customers that discovered it would take them months to move raw data manually into a database were thrilled when I created a custom program to do the same job in a handful of hours.

    Clients that needed to track employee time, travel and expenses , and create monthly financial reports are thrilled with the online application I created that makes coordinating input from staff , supervisors and executives easier and more accurate.

  • Troubleshooting and Extending Existing Software

    Developers retire or move on, open source and other scripts don't always work as advertised or wished , and frustration mounts; don't worry ... I can probably help . A lot of the work I do is smoothing out the wrinkles and extending functionality in existing software. This could be something as simple as WordPress or as complex as software written in older or newer languages that few developers will tackle.

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