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I have had remarkable success in achieving and maintaining page one search engine rankings for my clients.

When I design or develop a website, I follow basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guidelines and strategies to ensure that the site has a fighting chance from the day it is launched ... but SEO is an art in itself, and most websites will benefit from a focused effort to increase the number and relevance of visitors to the site.

These are the basic steps to each SEO effort:

  • With the client, determine the target key words that the website should be ranking for, including modifiers such as location key words;

  • Before modifying the website, run an initial ranking report that shows the rankings for each target key word; this lets us know where the site is performing well or poorly, and will guide the work to come.

  • Optimize the website itself by using key words in a manner that will let the search engines know how best to promote the website, without compromising the readability and flow of the text for customers. New pages and descriptive text are generally required.

  • If desired, I can do off-site optimization, which generally involves getting the website listed in free (and sometimes paid) directories, mentioned in articles and blogs, and referenced in video descriptions, etc. ... whatever seems applicable. Search engines often rank sites that are linked to higher, plus the additional links can bring in significant traffic on their own.

  • Some time after the optimizations are complete and online (after Google has had a chance to reindex the website), I run another ranking report to evaluate how well the initial goals have been met. This is generally where things get really exciting, as the most common result is a very positive and significant improvement in ranking for most targeted key words.

I would love to answer any questions you may have about this fascinating subject; SEO is challenging and fun!

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